EarliTec Diagnostics Secures $21.5M Series B Funding to Advance Autism Diagnosis and Treatment

EarliTec Diagnostics Secures $21.5M Series B Funding to Advance Autism Diagnosis

EarliTec Diagnostics, a Decatur, Georgia-based medical device company, has recently secured a significant investment of $21.5 million in Series B funding, with contributions from Nexus NeuroTech Ventures and Venture Investors Health Fund. This capital infusion is intended to bolster the company’s commercialization efforts and advance clinical research for their product, the EarliPoint™ Evaluation. This tool aids clinicians in diagnosing and assessing autism in children aged 16 to 30 months.

At the helm of EarliTec Diagnostics are Ami Klin, Ph.D., serving as Chief Clinical Officer and Founder, and Tom Ressemann, Chief Executive Officer. The company’s mission is centered on facilitating identification and treatment for autism, as well as addressing related early childhood vulnerabilities. This initiative aligns with their commitment to making accessible diagnostic solutions available to children across demographics.

The technology behind EarliPoint has been developed through collaborative efforts involving researchers from Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Emory University School of Medicine, and Yale University. This collaboration has resulted in the creation of a biomarker-driven diagnostic tool. Funded through extensive research support, including contributions from philanthropist Bernie Marcus, EarliTec Diagnostics has pioneered the development of measurement tools aimed at enhancing the diagnostic process for autism in children as young as 16 months.

Currently, EarliPoint is operational in 12 devices across 8 centers spanning 6 states within the United States, signifying progress in early autism diagnosis and intervention.

This funding round extends beyond financial investment, representing a pivotal moment in the ongoing quest to address the pressing need for early intervention strategies for autistic children. By expanding commercialization efforts and advancing clinical research, EarliTec Diagnostics aims to enhance diagnostic capabilities and facilitate timely therapeutic interventions.

Looking ahead, EarliTec Diagnostics plans to leverage this funding to further amplify the commercialization of EarliPoint and undertake studies to evaluate its efficacy as a diagnostic and assessment tool for children up to seven years of age. This focus underscores the company’s dedication to staying at the forefront of autism research and innovation.

Ultimately, the goal of EarliTec Diagnostics is to ensure that families confronting autism spectrum disorder have access to timely diagnosis and therapy. By harnessing technology and forging strategic partnerships, the company is poised to make a meaningful impact in the lives of individuals affected by autism spectrum disorder.

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