This cognitive assessment platform raises another $15M.

BrainCheck, a digital health company specializing in cognitive assessments, announced it secured $15 million in funding. The investment was led by seed-stage investor Next Coast Ventures, venture capital firm S3 Ventures and UPMC Enterprises.

Did you hear the news?

BrainCheck, a leading innovator in digital cognitive assessment, has recently secured $15 million in funding.

This substantial investment underscores the growing recognition of BrainCheck’s pivotal role in transforming cognitive healthcare.

Utilized by hundreds of hospitals and clinical practices, BrainCheck’s platform has become instrumental in enhancing patient outcomes and reducing caregiver stress.


By providing streamlined cognitive assessment solutions,

BrainCheck enables clinicians to better monitor and address cognitive health issues, ultimately improving the quality of life for patients while also saving valuable resources for healthcare systems.

This latest funding round, led by esteemed partners Next Coast Ventures, S3 Ventures, and UPMC Enterprises, marks a significant milestone for BrainCheck.

With this infusion of capital, BrainCheck(cognitive health innovation funding) aims to further expand its commercial reach, drive innovation in its product offerings, and strengthen its clinical evidence base.

And Moreover,

It seeks to amplify its impact across the healthcare industry through strategic integrations and partnerships.

This financing comes on the heels of previous successful rounds, including a

$10 million Series B round in 2021,

$8 million in Series A funding in 2019, and a

$3 million seed round in 2016.

Such consistent support reflects the confidence in BrainCheck’s mission and potential within the burgeoning field of cognitive health.

The recent launch of BrainCheck’s next-generation platform and 3-minute screening solution signifies another milestone in its journey. These cutting-edge tools empower clinicians to assess cognitive function efficiently and remotely, revolutionizing the way cognitive health is managed and monitored.

Kim Rodriguez, CEO of BrainCheck, said,

“We are laser-focused on commercializing and scaling a digital cognitive assessment platform that is clinically robust, easy for patients and their caregivers to use, enables a simplified provider experience, and improves access to the actionable information needed to intervene sooner and potentially combat cognitive decline. We thank our current and new investors for their continued support and look forward to deploying this capital to play an important role in revolutionizing cognitive care.”

In conjunction with the funding,

BrainCheck welcomes Nicholas Shapiro, Vice President of UPMC Enterprises, to its esteemed Board of Directors. Shapiro’s extensive experience and strategic insights further bolster BrainCheck’s leadership team.

Nicholas Shapiro, Vice President of UPMC Enterprises, emphasizes the urgency of addressing cognitive impairment in healthcare. He lauds BrainCheck’s rapid and reliable solutions, which offer invaluable support to stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem.

Michael Smerklo, Co-Founder, and Managing Partner of Next Coast Ventures said, “We believe in BrainCheck’s vision to pioneer a fundamental shift in how cognitive care is delivered. Dementia is projected to impact 14 million people in the United States and 152 million globally in the coming decades, underscoring the importance of proactive measures to address prevention, early detection, and effective management strategies.”

Kim Rodriguez, CEO of BrainCheck, underscores the urgent need for streamlined cognitive assessment tools in today’s healthcare landscape. With millions of individuals unknowingly affected by mild cognitive impairment (MCI), early detection and intervention are imperative in mitigating the progression to debilitating conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

BrainCheck’s innovative solutions(cognitive health innovation funding), such as BrainCheck Screen and BrainCheck Plan, offer a comprehensive approach to cognitive assessment and care planning.

And guess what?

The seamless integration of BrainCheck’s platform with leading healthcare systems like the athenahealth Marketplace further enhances accessibility and usability for practitioners, facilitating a more holistic approach to cognitive healthcare delivery.

But that’s not all.

As BrainCheck continues to innovate and expand its reach, the future of cognitive health looks promising, offering hope and empowerment for generations to come.

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