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Brainwave Science, Inc. Unveils Cutting-Edge Advancements in iCognative® Technology

Brainwave Science, Inc. announces groundbreaking advancements in its iCognative® technology with the launch of the new iCognative® Web Application. This development marks a significant leap forward in security, investigation, and truth verification technologies, streamlining processes for field investigators and law enforcement agencies.

Under the leadership of CEO Krishna Ika, Brainwave Science has pioneered the use of P-300 and biometric systems to enhance deception detection, future intention, and planning identification. The newly introduced iCognative® Web Application aims to provide intuitive and efficient access to these capabilities, eliminating the need for extensive training or specialized equipment.

Key Advancements and Features:

1. Comprehensive Real-Life Case Dataset: Supported by a vast repository of real-life scenarios, the iCognative® technology offers insights into human behaviour and deception through partnerships with law enforcement agencies.

2. State-of-the-Art Analytical Techniques: Integration of the latest findings from neuroscience and deep learning ensures unparalleled accuracy.

3. Instantaneous Analysis for Rapid Results: The system delivers swift, real-time analysis, reducing overall time investment in investigations.

4. Pristine Data Quality: Utilizing proprietary EEG headsets and cutting-edge artefact removal techniques ensures clear and precise subject assessments even in complex scenarios.

5. Impenetrable Defense: The technology is fortified against countermeasures, maintaining assessment integrity.

6. Comprehensive Monitoring of Subject’s Physiological State: Real-time insights into various physiological states enable a detailed understanding of the subject’s condition during assessment.

7. Autonomous System: iCognative® empowers users with autonomous pattern recognition and AI-driven test control, reducing reliance on human oversight.

8. Beyond Traditional Methods: Dedicated to identifying new biomarkers for more effective assessments, iCognative® transcends conventional approaches.

9. Investigator AI Assistant: Integrated with the iCognative® platform, the AI Assistant guides investigators, enhancing efficiency.

10. Cloud-Based Scalability and Performance: Transitioning to a cloud-based infrastructure ensures scalability and performance while maintaining data security standards.

11. Data Security: The architecture of iCognative® exemplifies the highest standards of security, ensuring confidentiality throughout every interaction.

12. Flexible On-Premise Hosting Solutions: For agencies with specific security or operational requirements, iCognative® offers fully on-premise hosting options.

CEO Krishna Ika expressed, “Our mission at Brainwave Science is to empower truth-seekers with the most advanced tools and technologies.” The introduction of the iCognative® Web Application signifies a significant milestone in investigative techniques, offering enhanced solutions to combat fraud, deception, and security threats more effectively.

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About Brainwave Science, Inc.: Brainwave Science stands as a beacon in the fields of National and Homeland Security, intelligence, and law enforcement, providing critical solutions for detecting hidden truths. The company’s commitment lies in delivering tools that promise accuracy and reliability, crucial for maintaining the integrity and safety of societies and nations globally.